We are focusing towards thinking better concepts and proud to be the manufacturers of automatic rigs and equipments.

VELSON Plant is available around 20 acres with all kinds of facilities inside the campus, The well-experienced design team is available for preparing the aggregates of the engineering drawing & finally the manufacturing process line-up accordingly. VELSON team is using the CNC, Robot welding, programed gas cutting machine & other latest machinery inside the factory to make sure the quality .

VELSON Design center

Our design engineers preparing the drawings by using software and validate the product thru FEA.

VELSON Machining center

VELSON team is utilizing the modern computerized CNC machine, traditional lathe and milling machines. The QC team inspecting the products and sent to production line. The quality audit is lineup in regular interval.

VELSON Fabrication

We have high quality welding, fabrication for manufacturing the drilling rig. Our skilled team ensure the quality standards with system and process.

VELSON Manufacturing

Our team committed the manufacturing process and deliver the product after quality inspections. The products are continuously monitoring by our service team during the field operations / customer sites.

VELSON Research & Development

Our R&D team is doing the development activities by collecting the data from production, sales and service team w.r.to market demand.

VELSON Training & Development

Operator training is important exercise, VELSON believe the trust and giving the practical training to them.
OTC – Operator Training Center is functioning inside the campus with boarding and lodging facility. The training contains safety precautions, product familiarization, application, pre-operation checks, PM Service requirement and emergency containment action module to operate machine with 100% SOP.